Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why MacGruber, you ask?

All the other bloggity blog names I liked were taken.  All. Of. Them.  So, here I am thinking of my sweet boy who is currently staying at Nana and Baba's and I MISS him like crazy.  My awesome little MacGruber. has nothing to do with the SNL spoof or the terrible movie that came out last's just fun.  And our house is a barrel of fun!  My husband likes to think he nicknamed our boy MacGruber but I'm pretty sure it was me.  (This is a topic of contention around here.)  Our big guy has lots of nicknames...dude, little man, even bagoo!  Yep, Daddy made up that one!  But for some reason MacGruber seems to be sticking, at least in my world.  Is it what I want him to be called when he's 10?  Ummmm..No!!  But for now, it works.  When I think of his sweet at times mischevious smile, or how lately he pulls his little chair right up to the pantry to scope out "the goods" , I know that MacGruber fits.  It just fits...

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