Saturday, April 30, 2011

A wish for world peace...

I had the best childhood.  The quintessential small town life.  So many memories of my sweet childhood revolve around distinct features of our town, such as the town square.  The same town square where we waited to catch that first glimpse of Santa during the Annual Christmas Parade.  The town square where prom pictures were taken and choir shows were performed.   Tonight, the hubs and I had the privilege of taking a nice little walk around the town square with MacGruber and our dog.  In the middle of the town square is big fountain that has coins at the bottom.  There have been a lot of wishes made more was added tonight.  Here was the dialogue that ensued..

The Hubs- "MacGruber, would you like a coin to throw into the fountain?"
(Of course, he said yes!  What 2-year old would deny throwing anything?)
Mama-"When you throw your coin into the fountain, you get to make a wish.  A wish is something you want so so world peace." (I know, I know..I tried to convince my 2-year old to wish for world was my beauty pageant moment..what can I say?)
Mama-"Here's your coin, Bubba.  What do you wish for?"
As my sweet boy threw that nickel into the fountain with all of his might he answered, "Lots of trucks, Mama."

After I laughed and gave my sweet boy a snuggle, I realized how perfect his answer was.  It wasn't something fancy that he wished for or something that seemed impossible to attain.  He told me what he wanted so so bad...and in this moment, it's truly "a lot of trucks."  

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