Monday, May 2, 2011

The bacon has officially been brought home..

My Dad has retired...and I couldn't be more proud of him and excited for the adventures that lie ahead.  My Dad, aka Baba to a little MacGruber in this house, is pretty much a superhero.  Did I mention I have no problem confessing that I, MacGruber's Mama, am a Daddy's girl?  I still snuggle up to my Daddy-O and beg for back rubs every time we visit. 
My Dad was born in the mid-50's.  He is truly an All-American classic kind of guy.  The kind of guy who likes cherry pie,  hamburgers with a milkshake.  He can fix ANYTHING, he can sew on a button, he can build a car. a. car.  He enjoys a John Wayne movie once in a while and introduced me to Shirley Temple as a child.  He is incredibly patient with MacGruber and quite impatient with technology.  Although he is getting a big ol' kick out of his new I-Pad.  My Dad is awesome.  He believes in traditions and taking vacations each summer to rekindle the family bond and create memories.  He is sensitive and never fails to get a bit teary-eyed over a Hallmark movie. (Sorry Dad, you know it's true!)  My Dad is truly such a good man and I am so proud to have had him as my role model for nearly 30 years.  I have never known him as anything but a hard-working guy.  And now, he gets to take it easy.  I have a feeling it won't be too long before a new project sparks his interest but for now he can  That is, until he comes to visit me, because I have quite the "daddy-do" list waiting for him, hint..hint.  Congratulations Dad for working so hard for so many years.  Enjoy your retirement!

My Dad with his 1968 Camaro. 

Baba and MacGruber meeting each other for the first time.


  1. What a great tribute to your dad. He had tears in his eyes reading it. Thank you darling daughter. Mom

  2. That was a fantastic tribute to your dad :) I know he has worked super hard and definitely deserves this retirement time in his life! I hope he enjoys it!

  3. Congratulations to your dad! It's great being a daddy's girl...I can relate :) Dads are the best!