Saturday, May 14, 2011

Some "double talkin" up in here!

Sometimes when I talk, I listen to myself. (Do you like how I said "sometimes!") When I really listen to myself I am a-mazed at the words that actually come spilling out of my mouth. Perhaps it's because I spend ALL day talking to MacGruber and my adult interaction is somewhat limited. Let me just clarify one point here for a moment. In my bias-I think my child is the cutest, smartest, etc. in the whole world-opinion, MacGruber speaks pretty darn well. I like to believe that's because the hubs and I are NOT, let me repeat, ARE NOT baby talkers. Maybe it's the kindergarten teacher in me or maybe it's because MacGruber's a boy. I feel like it to would soooo easy to talk baby to a "schweetie peetie squishy wishy face little girl!" IS easier. Little girls and cutesy talk just go together. Oh boy..I just got so sidetracked thinking of squishy face baby girls...sigh...maybe someday. Although I feel like I am destined to be the "mom of boys!"

Anywho, back to my original point here:) We are not baby talkers. But, guess what?? After listening carefully, I realized we are DOUBLE TALKERS! Yep, everything around here is double double the pleasure and the fun. Do you remember those Doublemint commercials from back in the day?? Just had a flashback! Geez...I am super drifty tonight. So..being the double talkers that we kinda cracking me up. Here are some examples of words we always "double talk." Food is not food. It's food food as in "MacGruber eat your food food." Or "MacGruber put on your shoe shoes." I've heard, " Drink your juice juice" and "Eat your egg eggs!" Seriously, we have a double talkin' epidemic around here! When I think of what this could have stemmed from...there are so many sources. We have Momo (the beloved lovey!), Mama, Dada, Boo-boo (the doggy next door) pee-pee, poo-poo,...the list goes on and on! Each of those words is a double talkin' word! Everyday is a double talkin' party up in this House of MacGruber! How many times can I say double talkin' in this post? How about some double talkin', double talkin'?'s sooo addicting?!'s so our little family! This may be a strict no baby talk zone, but apparently we are all over the double talkin' here. Oh food just doesn't sound as tasty as just food. And really, you can't wear just one totally need your shoe shoes!!

Spill the beans...does your family double talk? Or even baby talk? (It's can still hang out with us!!)


  1. I have never really been a baby talker but I am definetly a "rhymer". Words like sweetie peetie, roley poley. Don't forget the foods, pumpkin pie, little muffin. We all choose different ways to talk to our babies but for sure no baby talk.

  2. This made me laugh out loud, because we were the exact same way! We NEVER spoke in baby-talk, but we constantly said things twice! Now that our oldest is 4, it has stopped. But our youngest is starting to talk, so I am sure more double talk is on the way!

  3. Yes Megan!! I knew we weren't the only family of double talkers! You made this mama feel good good:)

  4. Love reading about "Double Talking"...I'll have to keep that in mind since we are not baby talkers either!