Monday, May 23, 2011


"Uh...a shirt?" I replied, more shocked that my son has just said the word boobies.  Apparently it was a shirt MacGruber had never seen before.  A black shirt with sparkly silver writing that said SOX.  I think the sparkles threw him off.  I don't typically rock the sparkly shirts!

We were getting ready for MacGrubers first ever Chicago White Sox game.  He was pretty pumped.  Days prior to the game some phrases being heard in our house were, "Mama..I so cited!" (excited), and "I yuv those White Six so much." We laughed out loud when MacGruber yelled, "I go see White Six play SOCCER!!" 
Oh boy!  So much to learn, young MacGruber.

MacGruber and I got Mr. Daddy-O, White Sox tickets and a fancy schmancy tool chest for his birthday.  Pretty exciting presents, right?  I intentionally bought the tickets for the family fun day.  MacGruber could participate in fun kids events, including running the bases at the end of the game.  However, I did not think to get tickets in the shade and was it HOT!  Especially when our bodies are not accustomed to this quite yet..wasn't it just in the 50's last week??  

Anywho, the game started at's a play by play of the action.

1:10-Game starts, MacGruber seems to like the lady singing the national anthem. So far, so good!

1:15-Mama starts furiously rubbing sunblock all over MacGruber's legs, arms, (don't forget the ears!) for fear of massive sunburn.  Even though he is my little tan man..I still gotta do the block. 

1:20-Ooh, ooh, guy selling 3ft. long licorice rope, over here pleeaaassee!

1:25-Aah..Mr. Lemon Chill. Where has your coldness been all of my life??

1:45-Homerun. Yay, Sox! Jonah seems excited and not too freaked from the big bang of the fireworks.

2:00-2nd inning.  The Hubs recommends taking MacGruber to the kids zone.  In complete shock, I reply, "But it's only the 2nd inning!?"  As in..what the heck am I going to do later!?!

2:35-Return from the Kids Zone.  Total bust.  Kids had to wear gym shoes.  Macgruber had on his crocs.  One big fat fail for this Mama.  He seemed sad...I tried to make him happy with his first ever taste of cotton candy which he told me "was like doggy hair!" Yep, I am totally one of those mama's who feeds my child dog hair!?!

2:40-Seriously, who's up to bat?  What's the score?  Have I seen any of this game??  Uhh....GO SOX!

2:50-Daddy and MacGruber take a little walky walk.  They return to our seats with a big fat juicy snow cone!  Apparently we have no problem buying our child a gazillion treats on these special days!  (In all seriousness, it was so hot, we were a little concerned with MacGruber dehydrating.)

3:15-The hubs mentions the word's over.  It's official.  We are done.  Forgetabout (in a chicago accent!) running those bases.  We lasted till the 5th inning.  MacGruber attended his first game.  He experienced a lot of sugary goodness, he got a certificate for attending, he loved running up and down the ramps from one level of the stadium to another, he got a kick out of seeing all the trucks and trains in the city!!

Overall, we had a fantastic day!  MacGruber was a champ and stuck out the game for nearly 2 1/2 hours.  I love that the hubs got to take his son to see his favorite team.  Those two were pretty stinkin' cute, MacGruber riding on Daddy's shoulders in their Sox gear.

I has big visions of how this day would go.  Not quite as perfect as I had planned..but does anything with kids go as planned?  That's the adventure of parenthood.  Our day did complete itself though as we stopped at Tank Noodles  to eat big, delicious bowls of pho. that makes for a perfect day!


Here are some pics from the day.  Decided not to take the big fatty Nikon, but instead the small point and shoot.  Big mistake!  Good one much for capturing this big day!!  Taking pictures is torture for MacGruber anyway:)

Daddy and MacGruber checking out the 2005 World Series Champs Statue. 

Mmm...a bag full of doggy hair!

One sad looking future White Sox Player

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  1. Sounds like you had a great day and the boys had fun at their first Sox game!!