Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday to MacGruber!

Happy Birthday to MacGruber, who thinks he is 7!! 

When you ask my sweet boy how old he is, he often replies "Seven!" I think it's his favorite number in life right now because everything is 7!  However, my big guy is now 3.  I know, I can't believe it either! 

Life if just cruising on by and now I have a three year old...booohooooohoooo!  Before I know it, he'll be eighteen and I sure hope he loves me then as much as he does now!  He is quite the Mama's boy and I really have no complaints!  I loooove my boy!

Ok, enough blathering on about me getting old and my kiddo growing up too fast...on to the birthday celebration!

I made a countdown chain a week before MacGruber's birthday and he adored tearing off a link each morning and counting the days until his birthday.  I am so thankful I only did seven days because it was still difficult to explain that his birthday wasn't quite yet!

On the day of his birthday, we both got struck down with a pretty terrible cold, so my big plans of visitng the Shedd Aquarium or children's musuem didn't quite happen.  However, we prevailed (on a much smaller scale) and had a really wonderful day with Nana and Baba in town.  We hiked through Hawthorn Hollow and stopped by Barnes and Noble for coffee (for the grown-ups) Green Machine juice (for MacGruber) and a huge chocolate cupcake!

MacGruber loves to hike!  He always finds a big stick to use too!

Having fun with silly Baba!

The best way to see the sights after exploring the woods for an hour!  MacGruber was a trooper!!
While MacGruber was napping, Nana went wild with the crepe paper and we also picked up his balloons and cake.  When MacGruber turned 1, I vowed to always make his cakes.every.single.year.  Wellllll....never say never!  I was so excited to spend time with him this year, that the cake making business went right out the window and into the hands of a professional.  And, with the cake that MacGruber picked out,  I was so happy that I did!

When Daddy got home, we headed out to an awesome pizza dinner where we "toasted" MacGruber several times!  He was such a cutie pie, standing in the booth at the pizza parlor, letting everyone toast him birthday wishes and clinking cups.  We actually did it several times upon his request!

Once, we arrived home, it was FINALLY cake and present time!  MacGruber was so pumped to get his "easy bakey thing" and couldn't wait to open his presents.  His best friend J-Rod came over to help and celebrate too. 

My big 3-year old ready to open his gifts!

Baba showing MacGruber how to use his new HotWheels truck!

J-Rod showing MacGruber how to say "cheese" and model clothes on your birthday!

A super awesome present from Auntie Hollie--Pizza, anyone? 
(Nana and Baba also got him the felt sandwich set, which was a huge hit.  My kiddo is a foodie, what can I say!?)

So excited over his very own Easy Bake Oven!  He was pretending to "eat it up!"

While we were singing, MacGruber was actually tapping his foot to the song!  The expression on his face shows the concentration it took to tap!  And...can you say, "awesome cake!?"  Don't let the whiteness fool you...

Make a wish, buddy!

MacGruber's rainbow cake! 
He picked it out on Pinterest and wouldn't stop talking about it!  It was a huge hit and tasted great too! 
Another year of my sweet baby boy's life has flown by and we are continually blessed with his love, his laughter and all his talk about poo!  We had a wonderful time celebrating his birthday and look so very forward to this next year's adventures!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Chef MacGruber and his Halloween Adventures!

Happy Halloween...about a week too late!  On Halloween Eve, MacGruber, Daddy and I carved our pumpkins.  Actually, let me clarify.  I scooped and carved two pumpkins, both poorly, because my hand was killing me, Daddy carved one masterpiece and MacGruber watched "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."  I totally thought MacGrubes would be into it...maybe next year!  We whipped up some toasted pumpkin seeds and enjoyed taking pictures of our Daddy's masterpiece! 

On Trick or Treating day, Chef was super excited to go with his best friend and neighbor J-Rod, and one of his other best pals, Mymy and her mommy!

Our first house!  He was waving to us....aww!

The Chef, Princess Jasmine, and Mommy Raja in a Tigger costume!  Hey, parents will do ANYTHING to make their kiddo's happy and she is one amazing mama!

Showing me his loot!

Cooper the Firedog!  Or...fat dog in a little coat!  Poor Coop's..he hated being in costume...it didn't even stay closed!

J-Rod and Princess Jasmine

Two happy kiddo's and lots of candy! 

Near the end of Trick or Treating, the Chef was exhausted!  He slouched over in a big, dramatic way and sighed as he walked to each house!  It was quite hysterical and he kept asking for "energy" aka candy so he could make it to the front door of our neighbors!

Later that evening, we got the best surprise!  Daddy's dear friend, Eric, surprised us with a visit!  This awesome guy had never met MacGruber before and they definitely hit it off.  MacGrubes had to bring his Strider bike in the house and show Uncle Eric how he rides.  Now, a challenge is on for a bike race!  We adore Uncle Eric and were pretty stoked over the whole night! 

We had a wonderful Halloween!  Another year of lots of treats and no tricks!  Just the way we like it!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Once upon a Fall....

....there was the sweetest little MacGruber and his Mama who played and played wishing the beautiful weather could stay forever and the big bad winter would stay away!  Unfortunately, winter is just around the corner and what may be the last day of gorgeous weather is behind us.  But, that's not say we haven't enjoyed every second of it.  We always do, MacGruber!  That's how we rollllll....

As you always say, MacGruber, "This is a fun day Mama.  I like fun days."  Well, this has been a fun couple of weeks too!  Between the sunshine, cool air, visits to the Pumpkin Patch and Petting Zoo, playdates with your best pals and all in all, just soaking up the delicious sunshine, we have been busy.

Two silly monkey's!  And, you are totally saying "cheese" rather than cheesing!

For some reason, this is how "painting" always ends up in our house!

A day of fun and your attempt at phasing out naps!  See MacGruber!?  You still need your sleep kiddo!

Pizza dough in the bread machine...you, Mr. Chef., were amazed at this process!**
**Please note, I did not leave my child recklessly balancing on the edge of the counter!  I did back away from him just for photography sake!



Green Meadows Petting Farm was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!
The goats were the first animals we visited and you thought they were awesome!

The kitty barn with Miss A!  Does life get any better!?

Bunnies and chicks and ducklings, oh my!!  We got to hold and pet and love on some adorable little pets!

Tractor time!

Riding the bumpy hayride for the second time!  We all laughed so hard, and thought this was such a blast!  Your favorite part was all the mud we drove right through!

MacGruber and Lad
I was so proud of you riding the horse all by yourself!  You just jumped right on this big guy!  I was waving and shouting, "Yay MacGruber!  I am SO proud of you!" I even got a little teary-eyed!  (I'm a total baby over my boy!!)

Ahhh..my MacGruber sweet cheeks! 
With "trick or treatin'" right around the corner, and the BIG third birthday soon after, life will continue to be full of excitement and fun!  I can't wait to post about MacG's super adorable Chef costume and the birthday celebration we have planned! 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bedtime Chats

I love those nights when the bedtime routine is a breeze and you are filled with cuddles and stories for me.  Tonight, was one of those nights.  You continually asked me to "get closer, Mama, get closer" until I was just about lying on top of you, then you giggled hysterically! 

Lately, you don't want to read bedtime stories, but hear stories.  You often interject your own thoughts and hijack my story.  Once you start talking though you say, "C'mon Mama, keep talkin." The stories we tell are mostly about our day together, but with Momo (your monkey lovey!) as the main character.  Momo rides a strider bike, Momo goes to the fishy store with Dada..it's very sweet and funny and I love that you want to "write" your own stories. 

The thoughts that come into your sweet little head as your eyelids get heavy, secretly make me giggle.  I have to pull the blanket over my face so  you don't see me laughing.  Tonight you told me about the fishies with legs at the store today.  You and Dada saw those white fishies and thought they were so cool.  I asked the name of the fishies and you told me to ask Daddy!

You also told me this story,
"Mama, that guy has dip on his face."
"What guy, bubba?" I asked.
"The guy on Scooby Doo.  He ate a big fat hotdog and then had dip on his face.  It was soooo red."
I proceeded to remind you that the "dip" was ketchup and then you told me all about the yellow dip (mustard) you saw too! 
I'm not sure what made you think of the "dip" story as you were falling asleep, but it was a very important thought you felt needed to be shared right as you were dozing off! 

I hope you always (well until you're in high school or so!!) have bedtime chats with me, MacGruber!  I love hearing the most important and memorable parts of your day.  Sometimes, I think how nice it will be when you're a really big boy and you don't need bedtime stories or snuggles.  But then, I realize that that moment will come too soon and I will be wishing for it back.  My time with you is so precious, sweet boy!  

Thanks for sharing all your very important dip stories with me, MacGruber.  They are the best stories I have ever heard!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Summer 2011 in Review: Warning, WARNING...LOTS of pictures!

Is summer really over!?  It seems as if we wait all year for those 3 perfect months and it just flies by, doesn't it?  MacGruber and I had a wonderfully busy summer filled with lots of sunshine and water.  We had special adventures taking bike rides, exploring parks and visitng family and friends!  I can't even begin to tell of all the little moments we had this summer, so instead, I will summarize with pictures.  (I should post the many (like 20!) blog posts I started the past couple months and never finished.  The little tidbits are humorous but when the beautiful weather is calling, it's hard to sit at the computer.  And, ha!  Who am I kidding!?  I have a very busy little man who doesn't really allow for much sitting anyway right now!)

Summer afternoon - summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.  ~Henry James

St. Louis Zoo with Baba

MacGruber and Mama (I had to grab my camera-shy guy for this pic!)
By the way, what's up with kids who actually pose for the camera!?  Sigh..I wish.

Visiting the bunnies near Nana and Baba's house!

Lake Michigan with one of your best pals, Mymy!

Strawberry pickin' time and a VERY happy little guy!

4th of July and our favorite "secret" place! 
We play at this park often and MacGruber loves hiding out in here!

4th of July with Ye and special Cambodian cake!  YUM!

Lots of window watching!

New fancy schmancy Lighning McQueen chair! 
(Before I had a child, I vowed never to buy one of these...ahh..the things you say!)

Batting cages at Wisconsin Dells!

Backyard pool fun!
Chill time after playtime with some of your besties!

Gumball machine from Ye...eeek!


The King of the World on your super Strider!

Bike rides to the park to play football with Daddy and J-Rod!  There were SO many bike rides this summer...like every.single.day. up and down the street....our poor neighbors were probably so sick of seeing us!

Garage sale find and races with Baba!
Lots of excitement (Yes, MacGruber still does his "shake!") over another awesome garage sale find! 
Can you say $6?!  Woot!

Transition to the big boy bed!  MacGruber chose this on his own timing and has done beautifully! 
You are such a big kiddo, buddy!

Angry birds with Nana!

One big cheer for summer!!

Fishing with Baba!

Speedy guy on the Strider!

My silly boy who loves playing with these beads!

Big Guy! 

A few thoughts for memories sake:
-Does ninja moves after watching "American Ninja" show with Mama and Daddy.
-Says, "like and kinda" all the time, example, "Mama, that food was like so kinda good!"
-Loves hearing and telling stories we (or he) make up!
-Still dislike getting hair washed in the bathtub and often say, "I just don't like that, Mama!" however, you have become such a great swimmer and don't mind getting splashed at the pool.