Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Summer 2011 in Review: Warning, WARNING...LOTS of pictures!

Is summer really over!?  It seems as if we wait all year for those 3 perfect months and it just flies by, doesn't it?  MacGruber and I had a wonderfully busy summer filled with lots of sunshine and water.  We had special adventures taking bike rides, exploring parks and visitng family and friends!  I can't even begin to tell of all the little moments we had this summer, so instead, I will summarize with pictures.  (I should post the many (like 20!) blog posts I started the past couple months and never finished.  The little tidbits are humorous but when the beautiful weather is calling, it's hard to sit at the computer.  And, ha!  Who am I kidding!?  I have a very busy little man who doesn't really allow for much sitting anyway right now!)

Summer afternoon - summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.  ~Henry James

St. Louis Zoo with Baba

MacGruber and Mama (I had to grab my camera-shy guy for this pic!)
By the way, what's up with kids who actually pose for the camera!?  Sigh..I wish.

Visiting the bunnies near Nana and Baba's house!

Lake Michigan with one of your best pals, Mymy!

Strawberry pickin' time and a VERY happy little guy!

4th of July and our favorite "secret" place! 
We play at this park often and MacGruber loves hiding out in here!

4th of July with Ye and special Cambodian cake!  YUM!

Lots of window watching!

New fancy schmancy Lighning McQueen chair! 
(Before I had a child, I vowed never to buy one of these...ahh..the things you say!)

Batting cages at Wisconsin Dells!

Backyard pool fun!
Chill time after playtime with some of your besties!

Gumball machine from Ye...eeek!


The King of the World on your super Strider!

Bike rides to the park to play football with Daddy and J-Rod!  There were SO many bike rides this up and down the street....our poor neighbors were probably so sick of seeing us!

Garage sale find and races with Baba!
Lots of excitement (Yes, MacGruber still does his "shake!") over another awesome garage sale find! 
Can you say $6?!  Woot!

Transition to the big boy bed!  MacGruber chose this on his own timing and has done beautifully! 
You are such a big kiddo, buddy!

Angry birds with Nana!

One big cheer for summer!!

Fishing with Baba!

Speedy guy on the Strider!

My silly boy who loves playing with these beads!

Big Guy! 

A few thoughts for memories sake:
-Does ninja moves after watching "American Ninja" show with Mama and Daddy.
-Says, "like and kinda" all the time, example, "Mama, that food was like so kinda good!"
-Loves hearing and telling stories we (or he) make up!
-Still dislike getting hair washed in the bathtub and often say, "I just don't like that, Mama!" however, you have become such a great swimmer and don't mind getting splashed at the pool. 


  1. What great pictures!!! Were those all taken with your awesome camera??? I know you guys had such a fun summer--what great memories :)

  2. Thanks for the comment Dana!! Yes, I took those "awesome and have so much still to learn about taking good pictures" pictures! Thanks friend!