Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bedtime Chats

I love those nights when the bedtime routine is a breeze and you are filled with cuddles and stories for me.  Tonight, was one of those nights.  You continually asked me to "get closer, Mama, get closer" until I was just about lying on top of you, then you giggled hysterically! 

Lately, you don't want to read bedtime stories, but hear stories.  You often interject your own thoughts and hijack my story.  Once you start talking though you say, "C'mon Mama, keep talkin." The stories we tell are mostly about our day together, but with Momo (your monkey lovey!) as the main character.  Momo rides a strider bike, Momo goes to the fishy store with's very sweet and funny and I love that you want to "write" your own stories. 

The thoughts that come into your sweet little head as your eyelids get heavy, secretly make me giggle.  I have to pull the blanket over my face so  you don't see me laughing.  Tonight you told me about the fishies with legs at the store today.  You and Dada saw those white fishies and thought they were so cool.  I asked the name of the fishies and you told me to ask Daddy!

You also told me this story,
"Mama, that guy has dip on his face."
"What guy, bubba?" I asked.
"The guy on Scooby Doo.  He ate a big fat hotdog and then had dip on his face.  It was soooo red."
I proceeded to remind you that the "dip" was ketchup and then you told me all about the yellow dip (mustard) you saw too! 
I'm not sure what made you think of the "dip" story as you were falling asleep, but it was a very important thought you felt needed to be shared right as you were dozing off! 

I hope you always (well until you're in high school or so!!) have bedtime chats with me, MacGruber!  I love hearing the most important and memorable parts of your day.  Sometimes, I think how nice it will be when you're a really big boy and you don't need bedtime stories or snuggles.  But then, I realize that that moment will come too soon and I will be wishing for it back.  My time with you is so precious, sweet boy!  

Thanks for sharing all your very important dip stories with me, MacGruber.  They are the best stories I have ever heard!


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