Monday, November 7, 2011

Chef MacGruber and his Halloween Adventures!

Happy Halloween...about a week too late!  On Halloween Eve, MacGruber, Daddy and I carved our pumpkins.  Actually, let me clarify.  I scooped and carved two pumpkins, both poorly, because my hand was killing me, Daddy carved one masterpiece and MacGruber watched "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."  I totally thought MacGrubes would be into it...maybe next year!  We whipped up some toasted pumpkin seeds and enjoyed taking pictures of our Daddy's masterpiece! 

On Trick or Treating day, Chef was super excited to go with his best friend and neighbor J-Rod, and one of his other best pals, Mymy and her mommy!

Our first house!  He was waving to us....aww!

The Chef, Princess Jasmine, and Mommy Raja in a Tigger costume!  Hey, parents will do ANYTHING to make their kiddo's happy and she is one amazing mama!

Showing me his loot!

Cooper the Firedog!  Or...fat dog in a little coat!  Poor Coop's..he hated being in didn't even stay closed!

J-Rod and Princess Jasmine

Two happy kiddo's and lots of candy! 

Near the end of Trick or Treating, the Chef was exhausted!  He slouched over in a big, dramatic way and sighed as he walked to each house!  It was quite hysterical and he kept asking for "energy" aka candy so he could make it to the front door of our neighbors!

Later that evening, we got the best surprise!  Daddy's dear friend, Eric, surprised us with a visit!  This awesome guy had never met MacGruber before and they definitely hit it off.  MacGrubes had to bring his Strider bike in the house and show Uncle Eric how he rides.  Now, a challenge is on for a bike race!  We adore Uncle Eric and were pretty stoked over the whole night! 

We had a wonderful Halloween!  Another year of lots of treats and no tricks!  Just the way we like it!