Friday, June 3, 2011

To MacGruber at 2 1/2 years old...

Oh Boy!  I meant to post this letter the last day of May.  I'm such a slacker.  Not the kind of mama watching soap operas eating bonbons slacker.  More like the taking walks with the new strider bike, potty training business, started another blog called Kenosha Coupon Queens kind of slacker!  Whew!  It's been a busy 2 weeks and now the weather is amazing!  And my boy pee-pees in the potty!  Here is my letter to MacGruber at 2 1/2 years old.  He sure is full of spunk.  I wonder who he gets that from?! 

Hi Buddy,
Today is the last day of May.  It's been an exciting month for you big guy.  On May 4, you turned 2 1/2.  It seems like you're a baby no more.  All boy.  And getting to be such a big boy at that.  The other day you said, "I a big boy like those other boys!"  Not sure who the other boys are...but, yep, buddy, you sure are getting big.  Too fast!

You used to stand and hide in my legs when people would say hello.  Now, you boldly proclaim to anyone nearby that you "weaw undiewear".  You love to stand on the sidewalk, wave, and say hello to all our neighbors.  You know them by name too.  You're a huge fan of Herbert across the street.  Poor guy.  Everytime he gets home from work, you are standing out there waving!  You also still adore your Auntie Hollie, Uncle Steve and their boys Justin and Jared.  Auntie Hollie lets you take walks with her and you even get to hold Boo-Boo's leash!  A day is not complete unless you get to play with Jared.  We seriously have the BEST neighbors ever. 

Speaking of underwear, you are finally wearing them!  And most of the day they are dry!!  You are so proud of yourself.  This entire potty training process has brought out the encourager in you.  When I go potty, I get high fives and "good job mama..I so proud of you."  Poop is another disgusting story though.  Really MacGruber..poop in the undies, poop in the TUB!?!  You're killing me here (and grossing me out too!) but I know you will eventually get the hang of it!

Last week your new stinkin' awesome Strider bike arrived in the mail!  You love it.  We love it.  Best.investment.ever.  A pricey investment but I foresee lots of little MacGrubers enjoying that bike too.  The Strider is pedal-less so it initially teaches balance and he uses his little legs to push.  The bike weighs only 7 lbs. so MacGruber can lift it all by himself and proclaim things like "I so strong like Daddy."  To check out how the strider bike works and see another wild child ride it click here.  We"ll post video and pics soon.  After only a week, I caught myself jogging to keep up with him yesterday.  I do have short legs though!

Memorial Day was bea-u-ti-ful!  We got to enjoy a wonderful day at the beach here in town complete with your super fast, super awesome Lightning McQueen water shoes.  (Thanks Nana!) This mama got sunburnt..MacGruber and Daddy got nice and brown.  Surprise, surprise!  I recently bought a big, fat beach umbrella so we can spent lots of time at the beach this summer.  Nothing makes me happier than MacGruber enjoying the sunshine, fresh air and sand while I am enjoying my Kindle!    

Baseball season is in full swing around our house.  Since enjoying your first White Sox game with Daddy and I, we have been playing baseball (t-ball) in the backyard.  I can't wait to have lots of evenings this summer where you practice swinging that bat and perhaps catching a few fireflies!  Oh wow.  Speaking of catching are definitely a future entomologist, you little bug lover you! 

I have this memory from a year ago or so, when you weren't really saying much yet.  I had some concerns naturally.  That's what mamas do.  Not sure why I ever really worried are a talker.  Non-stop!  And you say everything...all the time!  Most of the time, your words have us crackin' up.  Sometimes, lately, your words (and sassiness) have you in time-out MacGruber.  One of my favorite quotes recently was when I was fretting over something.  You must've heard the worry in my voice.  You walked right up to me, and said, "No worries, Mama.  No worries." 
Another evening at the park, you walked over to Daddy and said, "Hold me up high Dada.  I want to reach the moon."
I hope you do reach the moon someday little man!  And beyond. 

We've had another busy month full of adventure and always full of love.
Love you so much MacGruber.  Always and Forever,

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