Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Collection of 4 Little Ditties for a Happy 4th of July!

Well, apparently, I am on the "updating the blog" once a month track here.  Yowsa's!  I can't believe it's been exactly a month since I last posted my super adventures with MacGruber.  But, with the hubs at the Ben Harper concert at Summerfest (yes..I want to cry, but, alas, our favorite babysitter is gone for the weekend!) and sweet MacGrubes asleep, now seems the perfect time for a little update!! tell you about our entire month of June...hmmm..where to begin??  Just teasing!  I would be exhausted and you, my friend, would most likely be b-o-r-e-d!  Tonight, I have a collection of little ditties for ya, as I like to call them, and later I will post about our awesome trip to Nana and Baba's and our fantastic 4th of July weekend, thus far anyway. 

So here goes.

Ditty #1-
MacGruber makes me laugh nonstop throughout the day.  At dinner tonight I had to hide behind the pickle jar, (Not kidding, this thing is ginormous and I could actually hide my entire head behind it!  Thank you Sam's Club!) and snicker...because this boy is fun-ny! 

Let me transcribe a very one-sided conversation he was having with me (kind of..) while he was enjoying Kipper tonight. 

"Mama...hahahahaha..look at that big froggy..I yove (love) froggies. Auntie Hollie has a Big FAT green froggie in her garden.  It hops hops hops like this Mama.. (MacGruber starts hopping.) Do you yove (love) froggies too Mama?  I yove them soooo much.  I yove chocolate too Mama!  Cooper no have chocolate.  He could get very very sick.  And poop soo much!  YUCK!  There was a Big FAT poop in the yard, Mama.  Do you yike poop too?"  Now, imagine that being said and done all within a couple of second or less!  Whew!  (And, I apologize for the poo reference..again.  Apparently, with a 2 year old little man, the doo doo is inevitable!)
An older lady at the store last week actually said, "Oh boy..I forgot how much they talk."  Tell me about it sister...this guy is a talker!

Ditty #2-
While enjoying your favorite Arby's roast beef (I know, I know...not uber-healthy.  But, listen, folks..they must be laced with something because he sure does love them..and it is protein, right?) you held up a tiny piece of meat, wiggled it between your fingers and said, "Come here yittle beaver." I completely choked on my soda because really MacGruber, little beaver!?  Where in the world did you hear that one?

Ditty #3-
You are definitely a teacher's child.  Especially a kindergarten teacher.  In the womb, you must have been memorizing my favorite teacher phrases like "Sit down, friends" or "Come to the circle, friends." When you play with your cars, I often listen to your sweet little conversations.  I hear "okay friends, let's go" and "c'mon friends, time for the big race!"  Those cars really are your best friends..they travel everywhere with us. 

Ditty #4-
Okay..back to the poop here.  But this one is laugh out loud funny.  Hopefully anyway...:)
A couple of weeks ago, while you were playing in the tub, I noticed those familiar signs.  The red, watery eyes, the holding of the breath, the grunting..I knew what was about to happen and I was determined to stop it!!  I looked at you and before I could even say anything.. you said, "What Mama!?!?  I not doin' nothin!" were caught red-handed..err..butted?! And, you totally were doin' somethin'! 

Tonight, we were snuggled together reading some Little Critter and you started playing with my hair which you haven't really done before.  It was so sweet, and gentle, and I wanted to squeeze your cuteness to pieces!  Daddy and I are soooo lucky! 

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  1. Love the Ditties....they make me laugh! Thanks for sharing :)