Monday, May 9, 2011

A meatball-y kind of day...

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Today was one of those days.  You know those days fellow stay-at-home mamas.  The kind where you want to wave the white flag at approximately 4 pm.  Because you seriously cannot.go.on.  MacGruber wore me down today.  He is 2 1/2. He is full of it.  AND, he has been quite sick lately.  Sick with the "I WANT IT NOW" bug and the"It's MINE" virus.  At one point, he grabbed the dogs paw, pulled on it and yelled, "It's mine...I want it!"  Seriously, MacGruber!?!
Oh boy. I knew this day would come.  I secretly giggled when my friends children didn't want to share and I told myself that silly little thing mamas so often do.  I thought to myself, "my sweet boy will NEVER do that."  Doh!  Why dooo weee dooo thaaattt??  (In my most whiny voice..)  C'mon, do we really believe our child will not be like ALL the other 2 1/2 year olds in the world? 
Well, just like all the other amazing, wonderful, loveable kiddos in the world, MacGruber completely redeemed himself today with his awesome little being.  Thinking back on our days adventures, I don't really recall all the yucky moments like the numerous time-outs, the taking of toys from friends, the screaming or the gazillion potty accidents.  (Okay..maybe I recall them, but I am choosing not to focus on them!) I see the face of my squishy little MacGruber and think of all those moments that made me smile.
While on Poop Patrol, as we call picking up the doggy business around here, MacGruber, aka the doo-doo detective was taking his work quite seriously.  He pointed to a pile and yelled, "Mama...look at this BIG, FAT, MEATBALL!"  As I leaned down to pick up the doo, I couldn't stop laughing.  Really, a dog turd, as a meatball??  Hilarious, you 2-year old boy, you!!  At another point, he pulled the big dining room chair over to the counter to "help" with lunch.  As he was pulling the chair, he grunted and groaned, and said, "Mama, I soooo strong."  Yep buddy, the strongest. 
I have no idea what adventures tomorrow may hold in the life as Macgruber's Mama.  For goodness sake, it could be WORSE!  So, tomorrow at 10 am when I am ready to surrender and furiously wave that flag I need to remember that I am so so blessed to be able to stay home and enjoy all these moments with my boy!  Before I know it, he will be "so so big" and grown-up and maybe a real-life doo-doo detective. Or not.


  1. Cute story and so true for his age. You were quite a dramatic child at the same age. Love you!

  2. Me!?! No way! Thanks for reading:)