Friday, May 6, 2011

Blowing DQ out of the water....

I invented my own ice cream cake recipe. And, yes, it blows Dairy Queens out of the water!  Today was the Hub's 31st birthday!!  This is the ninth birthday we have celebrated together.  I'll tell you a little story filled with romance and ice cream of the first birthday we celebrated together in just a bit.
Anywho, the hubs, isn't the biggest cake guy but does enjoy other tasty treats like pink frosted donuts with sprinkles from Dunkin Donuts.  He says he likes the strawberry flavor, I say he likes the sprinkles! SO...I created a mish mosh of tastiness to celebrate this birthday that will officially push him into his thirties.  (I like to tease him about this for the time being.  Give me another 6 months and I might have a breakdown at the mere mention of the word thirty!)
Let me just clarify, as much as I love love love to bake, I am no creator of recipes.  More like the opposite.  I follow recipes to a tee.  But what the heck, friends?  Can you really go wrong with gooey brownies, hot fudge, crushed oreos and strawberry ice cream??? I think not.  Especially when you have a tiny sous chef named MacGruber. 


brownies (totally used a box, folks!)
hot fudge
crushed oreos
strawberry ice cream
cool whip
fresh strawberries on top for some pretties (and fruit=healthy!)

First, bake your brownies according to the directions on the box.  Be sure to lick the bowl!

So, while you're brownies are a bakin''s a little story.  The hubs and I were barely dating... and I mean barely.  It was his senior year of college and just a couple days before he was to graduate.  We had plans to meet at the campus union to make-out  hang out.  I knew he liked ice cream so I had quite the grand plan up my sleeve.  Ok...looking back, this is super lame.  But at the time, I apparently thought this was cool and sweet.  I bought the hubs a mint oreo blizzard from DQ which was a really long way from the union.  It was May, it was warm, and my sweet blizzardy treat was mellttinngg!!  So, I pushed it hard and started running this hugely long stretch of Green Street.  Picture a frazzled, sweaty girl running down a heavily populated college street carrying a dripping blizzard!'s still a scary picture.  Finally, I arrived at the Union and saw the Hubs standing there.  Bestill my heart!  I put a birthday candle in that mess of an ice cream treat and proceeded to sing Happy Birthday to him!!  How could a guy resist a girl like that? 

Back to this gooey deliciousness-once brownies are cooled, start putting the cake together.  I used an angel food cake pan, took out the middle insert, and put a round cake pan under the angel food pan as sort of a bottom.  I knew I would want to flip this bad boy upside down once I took it out of the pan, so I started on the "top" layers first.  Spread the slightly frozen cool whip on the bottom, then the strawberry ice cream on top of that.  I wetted my hands with water to help melt and spread out the ice cream a bit.  Pop that baby in the freezer for a bit to get that ice cream solid again.  Next, schmear on that hot fudge, take a big ol' spoonful for yourself, then throw on the crushed oreos.  P.S. My oreos were totally double-stuffed!!  Then, I cut out big chunks of the brownies and kinda mushed them together as the final layer.  I covered that sweetness and threw it in the freezer for a couple of hours.  Preparing the grand masterpiece-I quickly ran the pan under some warm water just to loosen the sides.  I flipped it onto a plate, gave it a few smacks, and actually came out in one piece!!  I'm pretty sure I shouted "Hallelujah" at this point.  I decorated the top with some fresh berries and friends, let me tell is good!  Ice cream cake might just become a birthday tradition in the house of MacGruber! (I whipped up some of hubby's fav rice krispies treats too!)
 Tell me..what birthday traditions do you have in your home?

I added one more tradition this year in  honor of this post from one of my fav. family's, Young House Love.  Check out the photo below.  Not sure if we will continue the signage for the grown-ups.  Can you imagine me standing in front of my sign that will someday say "50?"  However, I LOVE the idea for MacGruber and his future siblings.

I would also like to clarify that I am in no way a food stylist.  I am also no Cake Boss, kids!  I love that I "tried" to take a side profile pic of my beautiful cake to show you the layers.  Wait..what?  You don't see layers...yeah, me neither.  Enjoy!!


  1. Way to go! I see at least two layers and you are an excellent writer! We have "Polish" birthdays at our house....celebrate for at least three days. Dinner of your choice on the day, too!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Too sweet! You are a good story teller.

  3. Awww..thanks ladies! When I was a kid I always requested my mom's chicken fajitas for dinner, Lynn! And yes, more than one day of celebration too!!

  4. You tell a terrific story,Cas! And I think your cake looks very "martha-ish". Is that a word? But seriously looks YUM-O! The birthday girl/boy at our house gets to pick their favorite dinner & I bake a cake. It's usually my Nana's Red Velvet cake from scratch w/ this "special" cooked frosting. It's got a whole bottle of red food coloring in it and a stick of crisco shortening...nothing healthy BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT FOR ONE DAY A YEAR!!! Keep up your creative "works"...your family will always remember it!